About Us

Our Mission

The Indy Makers are a group of neurodiverse makers creating beautiful, innovative art, apparel and gifts in an accessible setting. Their coach helps them learn new technologies and connects them to commercial opportunities. The Indy Makers are helping to build an inclusive world where everyone can be creative and experience the dignity of paid work.

What We Do

The Indy Makers combine their creativity and traditional craft skills with computerised design and high-tech equipment such as the laser engraver and electronic cutter. Using technology expands creative possibilities and enables our Makers to work productively and profitably. 

The Indy Makers are coached to work as independently as possible, and some Makers even step out on their own to develop their own business! We are thrilled when this happens.  At the same time, when we say that “everyone can be creative and experience the dignity of paid work" we really do mean EVERYONE. The Indy Makers do not exclude people who need higher levels of support. It is our experience that when we find projects that fit the skills of an individual, use quality materials and take an evidence-based approach to coaching all of our Makers will succeed.